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Absolute Beginner Tap Class Cheat Sheet – Part 2

For all beginner students, here is a list of some more tap steps to be used as a reference when practicing (timing of steps, and other important information is covered in class). Be sure to check out the Red Hot Rhythm’s brand-new video course, ‘Just TAP!’ which teaches these steps and more in detail, making tap dance easy, and helping you get your tap journey off to a flying start: How to tap dance! On the spot: 1. Shuffle Ball […]

Absolute Beginner Tap Class Cheat Sheet – Part 1

Welcome, aspiring tap dancers! It’s great to have you here, and I hope you’re feeling excited. As promised, below is a list of the most important tap steps. Use it as a reference when learning, and refining the fundamentals of tap dance. These are the steps that will truly pave the way for your own ‘tap dance happiness’. For a video break down of these steps and much more, check out Red Hot Rhythm’s acclaimed video course, ‘Just TAP’ which […]