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Goodbye HQ…and a little tap reflection

August 13, 2015 – Bill Simpson To all the students, friends, and supporters of Red Hot Rhythm, Well, it’s all done now. Our HQ is looking very much like the empty shell we first walked into, and as we understand it, the building won’t be standing much longer. While the closing down of RHRHQ certainly doesn’t mean the end of Red Hot Rhythm (in fact, there’s something new and exciting on the way), it does feel like the end of […]

Some important (and a little sad) news…

July 7th, 2015 – Bill Simpson To all students, friends and supporters of Red Hot Rhythm, We have some important news to share with you. As some of you know, the owners of the Red Hot Rhythm HQ building have been trying to sell for some years now (with several crashed contracts along the way). Late last week, we found out that the sale will be going ahead, with settlement taking place mid-August 2015. We have also been informed that […]

Woodford Folk Festival, 2014-2015

As you may know, Red Hot Rhythm performed and taught at Woodford Folk Festival in the week between Christmas and New Year. We had an incredible time as always. THE HIGHLIGHT: 2 performances on the Amphitheatre stage on New Years Eve. We feel very privileged to have brought in the New Year performing alongside world-renowned Scottish band ‘Shooglenifty’. Thanks to all the students and supporters who came along to see us perform! Here’s a selection of some of the photos […]

Red Hot Rhythm’s ‘Rhythm Junkies’ takes out an Australian Dance Award in Sydney

On Sunday night, Red Hot Rhythm received the Australian Dance Award for ‘Outstanding Achievement in Commercial Dance or Musical Theatre’ at the award ceremony held at the Sydney Opera House. The award was presented by Dein Perry, the creator of Tap Dogs, and Bill Simpson accepted the award on behalf of the team. Yup. I know, right? Our heads are still spinning. From Bill: Just to have been nominated for the Australian Dance Awards, let alone shortlisted was such an […]

Red Hot Rhythm’s ‘Rhythm Junkies’ Shortlisted for Australian Dance Award

Back in April, we found out that Rhythm Junkies, the show that we produced (twice) at the Brisbane Powerhouse in 2012 and 2013 had been nominated for an Australian Dance Award (Outstanding Achievement in Commercial Dance/Musical Theatre). This was, needless to say, incredibly lovely to hear, and we were so thrilled that our little show had made a little impact on the world of Australian dance. Even if it didn’t go any further than that, we were thrilled to have […]

Sea of Rhythm Festival – Melbourne, November 21-23

There’s something super-duper awesome coming to Australia, organised by some of our mates in Melbourne. It’s called ‘Sea of Rhythm’ and it’s a cheeky combination of tap dance, swing dance, jazz music, break dance, and is possibly one of the coolest looking things we’ve seen. If that weren’t enough, Jason Samuels Smith, the American tap dancer that is, in Bill’s humble opinion, not only the best in the world, but the best the world has ever seen (whoa man…), is […]

Absolute Beginner Tap Class Cheat Sheet – Part 2

For all beginner students, here is a list of some more tap steps to be used as a reference when practicing (timing of steps, and other important information is covered in class). On the spot: 1. Shuffle Ball (3 Beats: RRR): Shuffle the right foot, then ball dig with the right foot (don’t put the heel down!). Repeat on other side, and as you get faster going from one side to the other, a slight spring may be required. 2. […]

Absolute Beginner Tap Class Cheat Sheet – Part 1

For beginner students, here is a list of some basic tap steps to be used as a reference when practicing. Basic standing still steps: 1. Straight Tap (aka Nerve Beat): Toe tap only. 2. Ball, Heel (2 beats, RR): Dig the toe tap, and without lifting the toe tap off the ground, drop the heel tap straight down. 3. Shuffle (2 Beats, RR): Forward brush, then backward brush (Toe only, and making sure the main movement is up and down, […]