Adult Tap Classes in Brisbane

Before we get started, there’s something you should know…

You’ve caught us while we’re performing!

All the Red Hot Rhythm teachers are professional tap dance performers, and occasionally, performance commitments require us to leave Brisbane and jet off to make some noise on a stage somewhere.

We’ll be back though!

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If you’re a Beginner tapper (either have never tapped before, or have learned the basics and want a refresh before jumping in with a class), then check out Red Hot Rhythm’s highly acclaimed video course: Just TAP.


This will kick off your tap dance journey on the right foot, will give you heaps to work on, and will allow you to learn at your own pace, in your own space.

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Tap Classes Levels & Registration Information

Red Hot Rhythm run Beginner and Intermediate level adult classes on Sunday afternoons in Brisbane.

Been here before and looking for the class registration link? Here it is.

These will be our only group classes for the week, and class numbers will be limited.
We generally follow the school term – our breaks will usually coincide with school holidays.

Tap class schedule (Sunday Afternoons):
1:30 – 2:30: Adult Beginner Tap
2:45 – 3:45: Adult Intermediate Tap

Looking for an advanced/pro class? Drop us an email at info@redhotrhythm.com.au…we may have something for you.

Please read the class descriptions below for important information regarding each class.

Brisbane Academy of Dance, 15 Harvton Street, Stafford QLD 4053. Click here to see a map.

This year, we are offering a 5 class pass discount (like a pre-paid virtual ‘stamp card’), or our usual ‘2 Classes in 1 Day’, should you wish to double up your Sunday tap fix.

Single Class: $18
2 Classes in 1 Day: $32
5 Class Pass: $80


Taught by Kris Kerr
Let’s get tapping!

The Red Hot Rhythm beginner class focuses on building upon students’ existing knowledge of the fundamental principles and steps, with the goal of combining these steps into fun combinations, choreographed to exciting music. If you’ve got tap shoes, great!…but don’t worry if you don’t. Join in at any time!

AGES: 16 – 116.

Note: The Beginner class assumes basic knowledge of the fundamental principles of tap dance.

If you’re an ABSOLUTE BEGINNER, and have never tapped a day in your life, don’t worry – this is still the class for you! However, in order to ensure you’re feeling comfortable and that you get the most out of class, we recommend using the ‘Just TAP’ online video course to quickly catch you up with these basics. It’s quick, easy and fun, you can get going straight away. The course will give you everything you need to walk into the RHR Beginner class with confidence.


We’ve packed the course with value to be the fastest, most effective way to get started in tap dance, and is used by people all over the world. Use the code ‘timeforatap’ to get a sweet discount, available for RHR students only.
Check out a FREE excerpt OR Get the full course here!

Taught by Bill Simpson
deal for those who have learned the basics and have had some past experience in picking up combinations and different steps, or for those coming from a ‘traditional’ tap background, who are looking to try a slightly different, more ‘modern’ style of tap (don’t get us wrong, we LOVE the traditional style also, and it often finds its way into our classes). Most of our students who have tapped confidently in the past find the Intermediate level a good starting point, as you can easily change between the 3 levels if you find the Intermediate class too easy or too challenging.

 Technique is a focus in the intermediate class, but the class is primarily to enjoy fun combinations of steps. Students will often learn an Advanced combination at a slower pace, in order to bridge the gap between Intermediate and Advanced, and so that students can continually add more challenging steps to their tap vocabulary.

A super fun class for all and a great way to increase your tap repertoire, challenge yourself, and stay active, while paving the way for moving to the Advanced Class. One of our most popular classes, the Intermediate sells out often. Be sure to register well ahead of time.

AGES: 16 – 116


1. Head to our registration portal
2. Select the date you’d like to come along
3. Choose whether you’d like to book just 1 class, or a recurring class (up to 5 can be booked at a time)
4. Follow the payment instructions (you’ll receive a booking confirmation by email), then get pumped for a tap dance, come along to your class and meet some of the fun and exceptionally lovely humans that come along to our classes!

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If you’d like to buy one of the multi class options, here’s what you do:
1. Before you register for classes, you’ll need to purchase the class pass. Head to our ‘Prepaid’ section here:
2. If you haven’t already signed up for an account with our new system, go for it! It only takes 10 seconds.
3. Click ‘Prepaid Packages’
4. Choose the class pass you’d like to purchase, then follow the payment instructions. Once complete, the credits will be added to your account.
5. Click ‘New Booking’
6. Choose the class/classes you’d like to come to, and click the green ‘Book Now’ button which will take you to the confirmation page, where you’ll use your credit to pay for the class.


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We hope that all makes sense, and answers any questions you may have. If you get stuck along the way, get in touch here and we’ll help you out.

We look forward to tapping with you soon!