Here at Red Hot Rhythm, we’re just a little fond of tap dance.

We’re fond of sharing that love with people who also have an interest in this incredible art form.

If this is your first visit to the Red Hot Rhythm website, stick with us for a moment, and we’ll tell you a bit about our adult tap classes in Brisbane, and will help you decide if our classes might be a fit for you. We’ve also got a few tips to ensure you get the most out of tap class, and no doubt you’ve got a few questions of your own. Read on!



A bit of background:

Red Hot Rhythm have been teaching tap dance in Brisbane since 2007, and pride ourselves in our ability to provide not only the highest quality tap dance classes on offer, but also our continual professional involvement in the industry as performers throughout Australia, and the world.

We like to keep it casual at Red Hot Rhythm – we’re not a big dance school and have no intentions of becoming one. We like that we’re a small team, and we only stick with what we know. We take the dancing seriously, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously, and as a result, RHR tap classes are generally made up of happy, fun-loving people, keen to improve their skills in this amazing and highly enjoyable art form.

We encourage humans of all levels of tap experience to come and have a go at our classes. We know how daunting it can be attending a new class for the first time, and we pride ourselves on creating a fun, enjoyable atmosphere for all!

General Tap Class Advice

(…to make sure you get the most out of class):

When choosing your class, be honest and realistic about the best level for you. We’ll try to be as clear as possible with all our tap class descriptions, but if you find the class a bit too hard or a bit too easy, we recommend simply considering moving up or down a level.

Think about the level you’d ideally and realistically like to reach, and be prepared to practice accordingly. Everyone has their own reasons for attending tap classes; for some, it’s a bit of enjoyment, and for others it’s a possible pathway to a career on stage. Whatever your reasons, it’s all good with us, but remember to factor in some time for practice.

Try to attend every class. We know that life gets in the way from time to time, but we see people enjoy and benefit from our classes the most when they not only commit to attending each class, but commit to enjoying each class.

Ensure you’re registered for each class prior to arriving. Our Classes must be registered and paid for online, and we have limited spaces available. Classes do often sell out. It kills us a little bit to turn people away at the door.

Try to get to know your fellow tappers! For us, and for most people that attend our classes, it’s about having a great time, and we take it as a major compliment that our classes seem to attract lovely, down-to-earth people, who leave their egos at the door and commit to enjoying everything that this art form can offer.

Remember, tap dance is easy to learn, but as with any art form, takes dedication and practice. However, tap dance is a unique art form, in that it is both dance and music based (and hence develops skills in both these areas), it does not require abnormal flexibility or strength, and can be achieved by people of all ages. As you’ll find, tap dance is extremely rewarding, and we strongly encourage everyone to give it a try, and to stick with it!

Ok – now comes the fun part:

Class Levels & Registration Information